Welcome to the era of drone-powered solutions: a valuable source of new revenue streams for telecoms operators

From major infrastructure projects to agriculture, and from mining to transportation, usage of drones is rocketing in many industries. The early adopters also include telecoms operators, which stand to derive some of the greatest benefits from drone technology. Why? Because, for telcos across the world, drones open up opportunities to generate both internal efficiencies in their own operations, and also new revenues from a wide array of drone-related services, focused on applications ranging from infrastructure inspection and maintenance, to managing and storing data from drones, to setting up drone traffic control centers, and more. Telecoms operators’ existing infrastructure and capabilities mean they’re uniquely positioned to realize many of these opportunities, while also helping to drive the advance of drones into the business mainstream in all industries. And the prize on offer is huge: PwC has estimated the total market value of drone-powered solutions at over US$127bn. If telcos make the right investments now, they can reap a significant share of that massive pool of value in the years to come.

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