Trump Administration moves to restrict imports of steel and aluminum

President Trump signed proclamations imposing tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum on March 8 that are set to take effect on March 23.
The tariffs apply across the board, although there is an indefinite exemption for Canada (representing 5.8 billion metric tons in steel imports in 2017) and Mexico (representing 3.2 billion metric tons in steel imports in 2017) due to their "shared commitment" to each other´s national security, efforts to address "excess" steel capacity, and the economic integration between the three countries. The indefinite exemption for Canada and Mexico also has been tied in public statements by Administration officials to ongoing negotiations surrounding the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Other countries with a "security relationship" with the United States can apply for exemptions. Barring Congressional intervention, the tariffs will be in place until the President lifts them.

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