The smarter phone - How AI-enabled devices will reshape the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry

As the advance of AI gathers pace and scale, the broad Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industry will be one of the first to be transformed. Over the next three to five years, the combination of AI and 5G will power the emergence of a new generation of devices that will redefine the word "smart" by differing from today´s in two key respects.
First, the user interfaces of these new devices will be based not only on touch, but also increasingly on voice interfaces that work side-by-side with touch or even without it. Second, they will meet users´ needs by moving away from today´s mode of using discrete apps to trigger specific tasks requested by users, and towards applying AI driven algorithms to anticipate and infer users´ intent. Having figured out what the user wants, the devices will act autonomously to deliver the desired outcomes, by orchestrating aggregated software capabilities in ways invisible to the user.

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