The Global State of Information Security Survey 2017 - Bold steps to manage geopolitical cyber threats

In a world that is increasingly digitally connected — yet ideologically splintered — geopolitical turmoil can spread in real time via the internet, worrying both global businesses and investors alike. This interconnectivity is putting key infrastructure at risk of cyberattacks perpetrated by nation-states, politically or ideologically motivated hacktivists and terrorist organizations.

“Geopolitical risks and threats are extremely important today and we believe they will remain important for years to come,” said David Burg, PwC’s Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory Leader. “Smart companies must be aware of geopolitical threats as they make decisions about how to minimize cybersecurity risks, or accept the risks of doing business in a particular part of the world. Responsible companies are investing the time to study this issue and then designing programs that are fit for purpose to address today’s very real risks."

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