Videoquake 4.0: Binge, stream, repeat - how video is changing forever

2016 was a watershed year for video consumption. Against the backdrop of the most divisive presidential election of the modern era, the first Chicago Cubs World Series win in 108 years, the Olympic Games in Brazil and racially charged shootings of civilians and law-enforcement officers, audiences were glued to their screens, big and small, all the time and everywhere. Thanks to new technologies including Facebook Live and Periscope, major events and small life moments could be broadcast live from individual smartphones and then, after the fact, shared far and wide on TV and across the web. In 2016, consumers’ relationship with video content changed, driven further by an abundance of original content from streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and from short-form distributors such as YouTube and apps like Snapchat and Instagram Video. So what does the consumer make of all these changes? Are they reeling or simply looking for something good to watch? Or both? This report provides a consumer-based view of these sweeping trends that are transforming the video landscape.

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